Training for Transformation

Training for Transformation (T4T) is a project implemented by Silverira House, one of Zimbabweans oldest and most recognized  NGO. Hopely, a squatter camp outside the city for people who were displaced by Operation Murambatswina / Operation Restore Order. To Empower the people to do things for themselves the Technical Vocational Training Department trains selected groups in skills; welding, hair dressing, leatherworks, dress making, carpentry etc.


The Community Development Program department then gives them the theory, business management, leadership, conflict management etc. Groups are formed of 10 or more people forming cooperatives, they are given start up kit of tools and machinery (generators, sowing machines etc) to help them set up a business. The welding group in the above picture finished training and obtained space to operate from the council. They made products including two grinding mills made from scratch going for a whopping $2000.

This group is going places, when you see results it gives you a sense of satisfaction and joy inside, you actually see lives being transformed. I Love my Job – one of the guys said something meaningful, he said,

“petaikura tainzi varungu chete ndivo vanogadzira zvinhu zvakadai, honai nhasi tave kuzvigadzira wani”

(When we were growing up we were told that only white people created things, now look we are also doing it)

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