The quest for alternative energy in tobacco curing

We have a new project in work of trying to combat the deforestation happening in some rural areas of Zimbabwe. The number of small scale tobacco farmers has risen significantly which is good but it spells bad news for the forests as wood is used to cure the tobacco.

We need to find viable alternatives that can realistically be adopted, Coal and biogas came up as the best alternatives, but transporting the coal to the farmers is a task in itself and it doesn’t come free to them like wood. Another big issue is the use of coal releases more carbon emissions into the atmosphere contributing to climate change and global warming. Biogas if not used properly and inhaled (which is likely to happen in a rural set up) can cause health issues.

So which is the better evil? Because something has to be done or we will have no trees left in some rural parts which could lead to a whole lot of other issues.

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