Africa and Broadband / Internet

While in Ireland I came across the EU policy for broadband (Digital Agenda for Europe) which has enormous potential to benefit our everyday lives and tackle social challenges in Africa. The Digital Agenda focuses on ICTs capability to reduce energy consumption, support ageing citizens’ lives, revolutionises health services and deliver better public services.

‘The Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE), a flagship initiative of Europe 2020 strategy for a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy has established broadband targets for Europe.
The goal is to make every European digital and ensure Europe’s competitiveness in the 21st century.’

I found the article about broadband interesting as we seem to be facing technological challenges in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. Our current development plans do not seem to be focusing more on the agenda at hand and its advantages. For example, In most areas we have to travel a good distance to do banking transactions which can be easily cut out by online banking within the home, we also cut out the use of paper by e-billing (saving trees). Government department in Zimbabwe have limited access to broadband usage. I lost my driving licence and have to wait for up to 2 months to get a new one because of lack of a computerised system.
Looking at the goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe such as prioritizing digital literacy and competences, the advantages are limitless in our goals to achieve sustainable development, socially, economically and environmentally.
My question is how can we develop and compete as a nation/ continent without good, fast and reliable broadband? I think Africa as a continent has the advantage of simply adapting to the ideas that are already out there.
Personally I was impressed that in Ireland you have Wi-Fi hotspots where you can access the internet for free in buses, trains, coffee shops, airport etc.

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