22 Apr 2014

Sustainable ‘Green’ Projects for Zimbabwe

In this Article I shall be discussing how Global Warming and Climate Change are affecting Zimbabwe and which ‘green’ projects can be implemented to help tackle these global security issues. Humanity is conducting an unintended, uncontrollable, global
27 Jan 2014


  I have decided to write an article on Chivhu my rural home where I spent my 2013 Christmas. Most Zimbabwean do not document their life experiences yet alone anything about life in their rural homes. So
15 Jan 2014

Sabhuku, Village Heads of Zimbabwe

This article focuses on the role of the Village Heads (VH) in rural Zimbabwe and challenges they are meeting in the 21st century. Zimbabwe is made up of state land which the government is responsible for and
29 Nov 2013

KANYEMBA, Zimbabwe’s Underappreciated Region

Kanyemba is in Mashonaland Central in the north of Zimbabwe on the border with Zambia along the Zambezi River. It is in Ward 1, Mbire district and is under Chief Chapoto who has been chief for the past
13 Aug 2013

Africa and Broadband / Internet

While in Ireland I came across the EU policy for broadband (Digital Agenda for Europe) which has enormous potential to benefit our everyday lives and tackle social challenges in Africa. The Digital Agenda focuses on ICTs capability
19 Jul 2013

Living with HIV/AIDS is not the end of the World

I met Letwin a mother of 3 in her 40’s living with HIV at a Training for Transformation workshop (stimulate people’s participation and empowering them to analyse causes of problems, challenge forms of injustice, and plan actions
16 Jul 2013

Indian man grows his own forest

With all the deforestation happening around the world, this is a great example of what one person can do, What about 10 people? what about 100 people? 1000? million? what can a Nation and Continent do? Jadav
24 Jun 2013

Hope in the slums of Kibera

I am currently in Nairobi, Kenya for 2 months (August to October) volunteering in a Children’s centre in Kibera. Kibera is the 2nd largest slum in Africa with over 1, 5 million people living in undesirable conditions.
21 Jun 2013

Training for Transformation

Training for Transformation (T4T) is a project implemented by Silverira House, one of Zimbabweans oldest and most recognized  NGO. Hopely, a squatter camp outside the city for people who were displaced by Operation Murambatswina / Operation Restore
21 Jun 2013

The quest for alternative energy in tobacco curing

We have a new project in work of trying to combat the deforestation happening in some rural areas of Zimbabwe. The number of small scale tobacco farmers has risen significantly which is good but it spells bad